We hebben uit Uganda berichten van studenten ontvangen. Deze week publiceren we het eerste bericht van Ronald:

Morkiswa Students Voices, Ronald

I am known by the names, Musalosalo Ronald, a welding student at Morkiswa Community Skilling institute. I come Busia District, 50km away from the institute. My uncle who works abroad was told of this school on email and when he returned to Uganda he came with me to see the school. We met the Director, Mr. Francis Okech, who gave us a very warm welcome. After taking us through the school, we saw that I could do my welding training in the institute, since there are welding machines and electricity in a large workshop.

I am 20 years old. I joined Morkiswa Community skilling Institute after senior 4, pursuing a one year course. I am enjoying my training at the institute and my instructors told me that I am likely to be retained in the school to be a teacher at the end of my training. I have continued to perform very well because I enjoy the course of welding. I am very sure I chose the right course and the right institute.
The teachers and the institute are very good. Since there are several things to be welded for the institute like windows, doors, louvers, repairs, work from the community, etc., we find ourselves very busy, making training very interesting and enjoyable. And I am very willing to bring other students to this institute.

Morkiswa Community Skilling institute is a very good school, with good teachers and the directors but lacks a few basics: furniture, windows don’t have glasses and whenever it rains we suffer a lot with wind and storm. We also don’t have showroom for our products. The directors need to build a showroom so that welding department can show what we do for selling.

Availability of electricity is a huge boost for our training. Our directors and teachers encourage students to work hard. The job market is available. I will not look for employment as far as I know what my profession and the job market, and demand for our products.

Several students need to find skills of this kind to be able to fight against poverty. I am now very sure of support myself and my family. I can make beds, chairs, windows, doors, and several other metal products, given opportunity. I am very proud of Morkiswa Community Skilling Institute.

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